Website Update

February 2021

Today we are celebrating the re-launch of our website and sincerely hope it proves to be helpful. Video footage with narrative by Geraldine will hopefully provide a better ‘feel’ for each of our apartments. We  welcome any of suggestions for improving the site further.

We want to thank the Sligo Enterprise Office for making this improvement possible: it is part of a national plan to get as many small businesses in Ireland on-line, in readiness for our emergence from a post-Covid world.

We also want to thank Clare McSharry from Smiling Spiders whose skill and expertise  has brought the website renewal to fruition. Go Clare!

One of our favourite features is the customised Google Map of North Sligo which we feel really brings to life quite how much there is to see and do here. We are looking forward to suggestions from our guests of  locations and activities to include that they have discovered whilst holidaying here.